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Cow Oriented Integrated Village Development Project

We are now entering a new millennium. We in India after Independence adopted mixed economic policy and planned development. At this juncture we should review and evaluate our approach to development. On the basis of this appraisal we should, if necessary amend the approach and strategies for development.

It is true that with the introduction of high yielding hybrid seeds, exotic breeds, irrigation, chemical fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, tractorization,i.e. mechanisation of our agriculture, has led to fantastic rise in agricultural and milk production. Organised market system and support price policy have benefited the progressive farmers. It is also true that big dams, hydel and thermal power projects, big industries, motorised transport system etc. have led to higher industrial production and higher economic growth. We are now amongst the ten Industrialised Nations. A country which was the most exploited poorest country of the World is now the member of the Nuclear Club.

But in spite of this fantastic development we are still one of the poorest countries of the world. Our soil has lost almost fifty percent of its fertility in Green Revolution zone. Soil health is deteriorating fast and pollution level has reached to a dangerous point. Ecological balance is highly disturbed. Unscientific flood irrigation is increasing and our fertile land is converting into wasteland. The centralised and mechanised consumer goods industries have destroyed most of our village industries. Millions of our village craftsmen and artisans have lost their jobs. Introduction of threshers, tractors, power tillers, harvesters, electrical motor pumps etc. are making bullocks redundant. Slaughter of cattle has become a big export oriented foreign exchange earning industry. The gap between rich and the poor and between cities and the villages is widening day by day. The disparity in income and wealth has reached to a critical point which has resulted in hatred, mindless violence and terrorism.

Now people all over the world have started realising that the present strategy and approach to development is against the very basic human values like fraternity, equality and freedom. High energy consuming capital intensive Industrial Model of development is highly exploitative where individual exploits the society and a group of people exploits the natural resources without caring for their replenishment. Such a exploitative model of development may ultimately lead to Mass destruction and annihilation of human race.

To save humanity from this catastrophe we are submitting this project profile . This may serve as a pilot project to evolve an alternative Model of Development.

The object of this Project is to make a village and a group of villages self reliant in basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, health ,education and recreation. The village community should become a community of ‘prosumers i.e. the consumer should become a producer and producer should become a consumer also. The present trend of “production for Markets” should be reversed to “production for local consumption first and surplus for Markets”. The ultimate aim of this Project is Gram Swarajya.