Cow Medicine



The Govidya - Gochikitsa Project has been recently initiated under the spiritual guidance of Shri Makarandbhai Dave and Ishamaa Kundanika, with the aim of cha1Jenging and containing the forces of stark materialism and consumerism, by innovatively developing products and services of a cow" based economy and an integral health ethos, so that the cow again becomes central to Indian culture and our source of prosperity, health and social happiness.

Keeping such a vision in mind, a literature survey and pilot experimental research is in progress under the guidance of Shri K.C. Shroff, Dr. A.D.B. Vaidya, Dr. R.M. Bhatt, and Vd. B.A. Joshi. Sizeable information has been collected from diverse sources including books) journals, reviews, news articles, oral history as well as on-line database searches, regarding selected aspects of this project. Keeping the ethos of the AIMD (Ancient Insights and Modem Discoveries) of Bhavan's S.P.A.R.C., Ayurveda has formed a major base of this literature search. Therefore, information has been collected from both Ayurvedic texts such as Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Aryabhishak, etc. and current scientific literature.

Although the main focus of the project proposal is on investigations regarding the properties of cow's urine, the facts emerging from literature review have promoted the investigators to also focus on whey from cow’ s milk. Besides this, the scope for literature survey has been widened to include not only Gomutra and whey from cow's milk, but also other cow products, viz. milk, ghee, butter, dung and panchagavya is a whole separate entity .

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